A Walk of Note

What do penguins and polar bears have in common ... besides this recent MUTTS cartoon by Patrick McDonnell?

Mutts by Patrick McDonnell - used without permission; for educational purposes, click art to enlarge

Actually, polar bears live in the Arctic Circle at the North Pole and penguins live around Antarctica near the South Pole. The only time these critters are near each other is at the zoo or in a terrific cartoon by New Jersey's favorite animal comic artist Patrick McDonnell.

McDonnell's strip is known for its 'little pink sock' and 'belly rubs' which is not a bad thing to be known for!

There's still time to pick up a book of his Mutts cartoons, or stationery or other stuff - online or at your local bookstore.

But HURRY, before he takes that dog for another walk and who knows how long he'll be gone this time?

Copyright © 2005 by Anthony Buccino

Mutts by Patrick McDonnell

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