Fallen Troops - Web Tributes

Today's Wall Street Journal has a column by Lee Gomes, The First Online War Honors Fallen Troops With Web Tributes.

I heartily recommend you read it. (Online the WSJ.com is available only to paid subscribers - so buy a copy at your news stand, or borrow a copy of the colum from a friend.)

Gomes discusses the Web sites now being created for the fallen troops of the Iraq conflict.

As some of you might already know, I've been creating online war memorials for fallen troops from my hometowns of Belleville and Nutley, New Jersey.

The Nutley Sons Honor Roll web site lists biographies of the more than 130 Nutley sons who died while in service to our country. The Belleville site lists more than 150 sons who died while in service to our country.

The one thing I've learned is that freedom is not free. I shall do my best to see that generations hence shall not forget the sacrifices of our fathers, uncles, brothers and friends to pay for our freedom.

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