Medium Dead Zone

I checked out the next time that psychic medium, author and lecturer, John Edward is going to be in New Jersey.

For the Sunday, Nov. 13 event in Edison, tickets are $175.

I think that’s just to be in the “Gallery Like Group.”

I knew someone who went to one of these things. She was hoping to hear from her mother.

Heck, she even wore a bright orange blouse so her Ma could spot her easier through the ether.

Nothing happened for her at the event, but when she got home her pressure cooker exploded. She figures that was her mother yelling at her for being so gullible.

Hey. It COULD happen.

Someone told me there’re a lot of dead guys waiting to say something to me.

Perhaps I’ll wait and count them when I get to heaven (if that’s where I’m going?) Or they can reach me through my local contact, no?

Personally, I get a kick out of those TV shows where someone touches someone or something and sees stuff as it was or might come to pass.

The touch is a wonderful thing.

(Years ago I heard anecdotal evidence that the touch is stronger than a professional opinion. Supposedly, a psychiatrist told a long-time patient to do something, and when he followed up to ask if she had, she said, no, because her hair dresser said not to. The logic was that since her hairdresser touched her she had a closer connection to him. You wanna believe, believe, no believe, no believe.)

TV characters touch a person or object & see things – Johnie Smith in Stephen King's
The Dead Zone shakes your hand or touches your sleeve and sees a possible future and he gets to change it.

Allison Dubois in
Medium sees dead people & talks to them. She has to ask others whether or not they can see the people around her - so she's sure if they are spirits or not. She dreams a lot. Fortunately, her dreams help her solve that week's police case.

Remember the pet psychic?
Sonya Fitzpatrick? She’ll do a private half-hour phone reading with your pet for only $300. Or you can get a gift certificate for that hard-to-please someone or pet in your life.

Maybe you should just take your dog to John Edward’s seminar at that hotel?

Can the people around me hear my thoughts? I wonder about this as I commute.

The lady with the short pony tail talking the whole PATH ride to the nerdy guy with a baseball cap, can either one of them hear what I’m thinking?

Or do they have to be dead?

I hear sounds from someone who is not speaking.

The sound is coming to me over the music in my headphones from across the PATH car.

A ha!

It's coming from his headset.

Damn, it's loud. Loud enough to wake ... oh well.

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John Edward

Five People You Meet In Heaven

USA Network Series The Dead Zone

The Dead Zone TV

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Sonya Fitzpatrick

At Spatola's Home For Funerals

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Bob the Corgi said...

I saw a promo for an episode of The Pet Psychic where John Edwards was going to be the guest. As much as I wanted to see that, I think its better in the imagination, don't you?

"Your cat says she's thirsty."
"YOUR cat says she's thirsty."
"That's what I said!"
"That's what I said!"
"She liked to sit ..."
"...in the window."

Anthony Buccino said...

Who would you rather hear from, a dead relative or your pet's inner brain?

What would your gold fish say about your putting his bowl overlooking the river?