God's Gift To Wart Hogs

I was reminded of this cartoon recently by who knows what.

After I had blurted it out, I had to explain that it was from an old Far Side calendar by Garry Larsen. It was a cocktail party for wart hogs and one female wart hog says to another about about a third across the room, he thinks he's God's gift to wart hogs.

The calendar was from 1984, or maybe 1985 and I was working at Panasonic at the time. I believe I was a copywriter for technical manuals or trade ads.

Any way, one of the other calendar page months was a couple of kids running after the Liver AND Onions truck - like it was an ice cream truck on a summer day. My colleague Diana, with the accent on the second A, said she loves liver and onions.

You laugh. I can remember stuff from 21 years ago, but I can't remember to take out the empty pizza box after dinner!

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