34 Year Old American Pie

Folksinger Don McLean was on TV the other night talking about it was 34 years ago his hit song American Pie came out and took over the radio.

Heck. I still listen to it today. Any time you drift into or out of the song, whatever verse you're in makes you stop and think. It's like that Billy Joel song We Didn't Start The Fire.

Just that American Pie is easier to sing along with. We've had more time to nearly learn the words.

McLean says he's got a new record coming out. Now that I see his web site, I remember the new CD is called Don McLean Rearview Mirror and was released Oct. 11.

According to the song list, he sings El Paso. I wonder if it's his own song or Marty Robbins' song?

McLean has a cd called Don McLean Sings Marty Robbins, so I guess that answers that question.

He might have said something about an anniversary issue of American Pie. But he wouldn't (and never has done so, either) speculate on what the song's lyrics are about.

What song was on the flip side of the 45 record?

How do I know the Dreidel song?

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