Re Nominated

Nutley Hall of Fame

"... The nominees have been selected. There is a panel of judges independent of the "administrative committee" that oversees the event itself. Public announcement will be timed for the Thursday Sept. 22nd editions of The Nutley Sun and the Nutley Journal...."

- NJHometown News

Being nominated doesn't mean you win anything.

Personally, I was rejected from the Wall of Fame from my high school alma mater, but I can see the humor in it and use it as research for something I'll some day write ... such as my Junior High School Memories:

... has embarked on a return to his lighter-side writing in a new project of remembrance essays, beginning with junior high school. Last Lap to Fifty is expected to be a four-volume series. (This was named Last Lap to Forty and may well end up being Last Lap to Sixty.) ...

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Nutley Hall of Fame