Hans Conried as Uncle Tonoose

If you're familiar with the old Danny Thomas show, you'll remember that Hans Conried played his uncle Tonoose. Somewhere in the 1960's my pals started calling me Uncle Tonoose and then Tonoose, and well, if you were one of the half-dozen or so of them, you would know why Stinky was called Stinky and Hoss Hoss, and so on down the line.

-- July 6, 2005

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Ethnic Slurs
''Uncle Tonoose'' : (Arab-Americans) a "sellout" (derived from "Uncle Tom" and from the name of a stereotypical character on a 1950s television show.)

Languages & Phrases - Foreign
Hashush-al-Kabaar - Lebanese phrase meaning "The Man Who Made a Monkey Out of a Camel" on the sitcom MAKE ROOM FOR DADDY/CBS/1953-64. "Hashush-al-Kabaar" was the nickname of Uncle Tonoose (Hans Conried), the Lebanese relative (head of the family) of nightclub entertainer Danny Williams (Danny Thomas). Tonoose (who loved goat cheese and grape leaves) claimed his family descended from King Achmed the Unwashed.

Uncle Tonoose's Mediterranean Grill (N. Palm Beach, Fla.)

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