Chicken Soup Magazine

At work there's a place where unwanted magazines go to find a second life.

That's where I found the premiere issue of Chicken Soup for the Soul Magazine.

It was the one with a photo of the young Elvis on the cover, and lots of pink type and a pink border.

I guess they are trying to attract people who like hot pink.

One of the ads that caught my eye said


Over a gorgeous valley with purple mountains majesty in the distance.

When I told a friend about this, he told me that "Colo" is the location and "rado" means red, but only half the state is red and the other half if blue. He should know, he was there, driving around this summer with his daughter.

Maybe Dennis meant instead of a half-blue state that it was purple. Unless he was kidding and I - 'New Jersey's Garrison Keilor - or something like that' - didn't get the joke?

In the magazine there was a story about a place in California where people deposit their chewed chewing gum. They've been leaving chewing gum there since 1960, the magazine said.

Another ad that caught my eye and made me stop was for Fufu Berry soda by Jones Soda Co.

On the 12-oz. bottle label covering the pink red FUFU BERRY is a banner that says Elvis is Alive.

The GREEN APPLE SODA bottle has a pick up truck with those 10-foot tires on it.

And the other soda in the ad, BLUE BUBBLE GUM SODA - which is pale blue, says on its label "also COIN operated"

So, judging by the ad, it must be good soda. No?

I'll tell you about one more ad, then you'll have to decide whether you're interested in what the rest of the magazine might hold.

It's the ad for Connecticut that caught my eye in the early flip through of the new mag. Their headline says, "The real beauty is, it's only an hour away."

But, I wondered, how do they know that? Is this a northeast regional magazine? Or is there a secret sloop that sends you to tony Greenwich or bustling Bridgeport, Conn?

PS - there's a story about the guy who invented the Pet Rock, and some photos of Elvis and his mother, Elvis asleep, Elvis in the pool, and a bit about the Mustard Museum in Wisconsin.

PPS Plus the solution to the word puzzle on Page 109 hinges on finding lyrics or titles or something from songs by Fleetwood Mac, Carly Simon, Elvis Costello, Neil Young, The Clash, Bread, Saturday Night Fever, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Bee Gees and the Eagles.

For me, there's a bit too much pink in this issue ;-(

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Chicken Soup for the Soul Magazine


Jones Soda Co.


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