Bruce Springsteen, the Italian American

Copyright © 2005 by Anthony Buccino, all rights reserved.Bruce will have 'made it' when he has a ferry named after him ;-)

Of course, there are Italians named Smith and Gustafson but, face it, you don't think of Italian Americans when you think of Bruce Springsteen. Well, if you want the real inside scoop on the Jersey rocker, you may want to get a ticket for this big event:

Jersey Boys: The American Dreams of Frank Sinatra and Bruce Springsteen

Jim Cullen, History Teacher, Ethical Culture Fieldston School

Consider: Two working-class Italian-American men who grew up in New Jersey. Both sons of strong mothers. Both indifferent students. Neither had formal musical training, yet both decided on musical careers at an early age.

Glory Days: A Bruce Springsteen Symposium
Sept. 9-11, 2005
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FOOTNOTE: The FRANK SINATRA ferry is a bow loading catamaran that holds 149 passengers.

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