74 Bus - 6:38 to Paterson

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Here I am, a mild mannered reporter for an obscure web log named after a TV character half the people reading blogs never heard of since the show aired about 40 years ago. A week like this one makes you wish you had a larger audience, no?Three times in one September week, the 6:38 NJ Transit 74 Paterson bus pulled out on me after I'd exited the Newark City Subway and crossed the platform.

That's 3 of 5 times in one week the driver of the 6:38 bus took off when I was close enough to the door to spit on him … If I had any spit left.

The first time I was within spitting distance of the bus door when it closed and pulled away.

The second time I had crossed the station and was within ten feet when he closed the door and pulled away.

And the third time I saw the empty bus pull up as I was crossing the platform, the doors opened and no one got on or off. As I got closer, the doors closed and the driver pulled off.

This occurrence seems to have stepped up in the past few weeks. I noticed three specific times in one week, but I began to wonder how many other times, and believe me, there were other times this happened.

You can't complain to the station manager - there's only a guy in the booth between the light rail ramps and he says he has nothing to do with the buses. He said you have to go to Grove Street to find a supervisor.

Nobody's in charge and nobody cares. That's the perception. The bus drivers want to drive empty buses.

While Tom Cruise's Maverick character had a better shot at TOP GUN than I'll have of being a roving reporter for a large national newspaper based near Wall Street, I can have my say right here in this obscure little blog.

NJ Transit - News Item: Hiring Spies

I'm thinking of going into the spy business. Oh, what tales I'd tell!

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