Superman & Coal & Diamonds

Looked for Superman pic, she's much hotter.
Remember the TV show Superman, the one where they were in the jungle and the diamond serving as the eye of an icon got lost. Then someone says if you put a piece of coal under a million pounds of pressure for a thousand years you've got a diamond.

So, Superman casually picks up a piece of coal (I guess it's all lying around waiting to turn into precious rocks?) and squeezes it in his fist until it turns into a diamond.

My questions: Why did Superman become a reporter instead of a jeweler?

Ever wonder how he could afford such a nice apartment in Metropolis on a reporter's salary? 

Do you think he made a few diamonds here and there to supplement his Daily News salary? Think about it. He had a huge apartment in Metropolis, on a reporter's salary. No roommates! A hidden closet for his spare Superman suit!

All the reporters I ever met never had nice apartments like that, not in Metropolis, or without room-mates or a spouse with a REAL job.

Writers & Editors I've Known - Or Read:
Carol Sakowitz, where are you?
Mike Cleveland, where did you go after you left the Navy?
Peter Quackenbush, where are you living now?
Chuck Jackson, where have you gone?
Paul 'I'll see you later' Stern - later in the week, not the day!
Raymond Carver, please come home.
Dave Barry, was it something we said?

Apparently, I'm not the only one who wonders about this Superman, coal and diamonds stuff:

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The reporters are on a jungle expedition that involves a valuable diamond used as an idol's eye. Superman creates a diamond by compressing coal.

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