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There ain't nothing in the world like washing down a Taylor ham sandwich with orange Brookdale soda.

Sometimes I get email that read something like this:

I just looked at your website. I have a bottle of Brookdale beverage (empty) and have always wondered about it. It is an 8 oz. bottle but does not say what beverage was in it. I am not sure where I obtained it but it had to be in Georgia or Texas. Can you give me any information

And, here's another one I just got:

I was cleaning out my garage in preparation of razing it to build a new one. In the attic, I came across a blue plastic case from the Brookdale beverage company with 11 Brookdale Beverage empties (one missing). The bottles are in very good shape and the labels are all fairly bright and intact. Do you know where I could find an empty to complete the case?
Ther are 3 Colas,2 Orange,1 Black Cherry,1 Grape,2 Lemon-Lime and 2 Cheers Lemon-Lime.
Thanks for your help.

So, what am I supposed to say?


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Unknown said...

I have a couple of Brookdale Sparkling Club soda bottles (28 FL. OZ.). I am wondering if it is worth any money.

P.S. I have the crate too

ARB said...

Not particularly. I've been trying to collect them to eventually donate them to an area museum. You could try selling them on eBay. Or you can pass them along to me to try and preserve them for future generations.

dontcare said...

Does anyone remember Texas Jim Robertson or Robinson circa early 50s on channel 13 sponsored by Brookdale Soda?he wore western gard and I think he had a guitar.

Unknown said...

Anyone remember Ronald (Ron)Kelichner, my father worked there in the 40s or 50s any info would help. He passed away in 2012 Thanks!