Patch Drops Buccino's Blog Archives

Hey, folks, I looked at the Belleville-Nutley Patch for my blog posts that everybody liked so much and they seem to be gone.

Maybe you can find them, but I can't. 

Perhaps they needed the storage space for less local stories. I don't know. But I can tell you what that means. That means that you won't be able to find my blog posts about growing up in Belleville in the 1960s on Patch.

You'll either have to look on Anthony's World to see if any are archived there, or you'll need to read them in Greetings From Belleville, N.J. -Collected Writings.

Anthony Buccino, Belleville Patch columns, “Don the TV Man,” “Penny Candy from the Corner Store,” and “Gary’s English Racer vs. My Schwinn” earned the 2011 Society of Professional Journalists award for media affiliated blog..

UPDATE: We found the link to Anthony Buccino's archives.

UPDATE UPDATE: They are gone again.

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